Audio and Video Information

Cell reception, Emergency calls, Wi-Fi, Video Projection, T.V, & MP3 - FAQs

Q: Can I get cell phone reception?
A: No. We are out of cell range. Sprint cell phones only can get reception two miles away at South Falls. If you need to make a call you are welcome to use the phone in our front office. We have unlimited long distance so there is no need to pay for calls.

Emergency calls

Q: What number can I give family members if they need to contact me while at CRC?
A: 503-873-6743 rings in the Main Lodge front office and in our kitchen. This is the best number for them to call from 6 am to 8 pm.

Q: Is there an number for serious emergencies before and after those hours?
A: Yes. 503-873-7743 rings at CRC Directors Tim & Julie Hansen's home. If a family member needs to contact you for a true emergency in the middle of the night they can call this number. If we do not answer it, just call again until you wake us. Calls go to voice mail after 5-6 rings. If you anticipate a potential need to be contacted in the middle of the night, please communicate ahead of time to your family the name of your group, the name of your building and the location and name of your room so that we do not have to wake the entire camp to find you.

Q: What if I need to make a 911 or other emergency call from CRC in the middle of the night?
A: The Main Lodge office is locked at night. However, the phones in the Main Lodge kitchen and at the Lamppost Bookstore are always available.


Q: Do you have Wi-Fi?
A: No, not really. A "Ministry Critical" password protected connection is available in the Main Lodge dining room. If you need to access the internet for something directly related to your retreat we are happy to give you the password. Otherwise we encourage our guests to avoid the internet during their stay.

Video and Movie Projection, T.V, DVD, etc.

Q: Do you have televisions and DVD / VHS players?
A: Yes. Heritage, Good Shepherd, and the Prayer Chapel all have 17"-22" diagonals screen TVs with DVD and VHS combo players. Let us know if you need one in another building or room and we will set it up for you. Please note: We do not have network or cable TV reception...and we like it that way. :-)

Q: Do you have a Blue Ray Player?
A: Sorry, we do not. You will need to bring your own.

Q: Do you have a video projector I can connect my laptop to? I don't need sound.
A: Yes! The Rotunda and Good Shepherd Lodge both have video projectors.

Q: I want to show a movie with a soundtrack on your video projector. What do I do?
A: Please let us know if you need sound with the video projector so we can set up the connection to the amplifier and speakers ahead of time.

Q: Can we use the video projectors in daylight?
A: Yes, however, the image is subject to some "wash out" on bright, sunny days. Good Shepherd has curtains for the windows, but the Rotunda, Heritage and the Prayer Chapel do not.

Q: Can I have a video projector for the Prayer Chapel, Heritage Lodge or other room?
A: Maybe. We have only two video projectors, and you may request one of these. If it is available, we will set it up in your building. Otherwise, you will need to bring your own.

Q: What kind of cord do I need?
A: Most laptops have a standard 15 pin female VGA monitor plug in the side. We have the necessary cords to attach to this plug.

Q: What if I have a Mac (Apple) laptop or an i-pad, etc.?
A: We have adaptors for the Mini Display and Mini DVI style outputs only. Please check your Apple product to make sure you have this style of connector, otherwise you will need to supply your own adapter to plug into a male 15 pin VGA video cable.

MP3, CDs

Q: Can I play music from my i-pod or MP3 player through the sound system?
A: Yes! We have the standard 1/4" mini headphone jacks that plug into these players with our amplifiers in each building.

Q: Do you have a portable CD player we can use to play music on?
A: Yes, we have two of these. CDs can also be played on the DVD players