Activities at Christian Renewal Center

Swinging at CRCThe Zip Line: Travel through the trees on an exciting ride along a 100' length of aircraft cable suspended 20' above the forest floor. The Zip Line requires the supervision of a CRC staff member and another designated adult during operation. Riders must wear a climbing harness. Schedule a time to use the Zip Line when planning your retreat.

Cable Swings: Jump onto the seat of the swing and float among the trees from a cable suspended 30' above you! The lower cable swing may be used with adult supervision by children of any age. The upper swing is reserved for children age 10 and up. A supervising adult at least 18 years of age may check out the key at the Main Lodge kitchen. Safety rules are posted at each swing and must be enforced by the person checking out the key.

Volleyball Court: A full sized packed sand court is located along the main driveway between the Main Lodge and the Rotunda.

Archery: We offer certified archery instruction and open range for all ages. Self-supervised open range sessions are available to competent adults age 18 and over. Inquire with the registrar when placing your reservation.

Pond: Catch and release fishing is available at no charge to guests. Poles, tackle and bait are provided. An adult age 18 or older must accompany children under 12 years old within the pond fence. Swimming in the pond is not permitted.

Playground: Ideal for children age ten and under, the playground has a small Merry-go-round, swings, a play train and two playhouses; one with a cargo net and the other with a slide and a fire pole.

Disk Golf: Enjoy our 9-hole disk course arranged from all over the camp. Use our disks or bring your own, with levels for fun and for the professional.

Basketball Court: A outdoor half court is located near Cabins "Matthew" and "Mark".

Seasonal: Swimming in the refreshing waters of the North Fork of Silver Creek in CRC's lower campground area is a great way to cool off on a hot summer's day. A slightly warmer public wading area is located at the South Falls day use area just three miles away. Excellent swimmers only may swim at their own risk in the creek at the park. Favorite areas are below Twin Falls and Upper North Falls located in Silver Falls State Park.

Other Area Activities and Attractions:

Silver Falls State Park: Enjoy breathtaking views of God's wonderful creation on the four mile long "Trail of Ten Falls"

The Oregon Garden: One of Oregon's most popular destinations, where thousands of plants are displayed in more than 20 specialty gardens. Discover how easy it is to relax and be dazzled at The Oregon Garden, located on 80 acres in Historic Silverton. Explore amazing water features, the Conifer garden, garden art, wetlands, a playful garden just for kids, and the 400-year-old Signature Oak tree.

Golf courses: Click here to discover and play at golf courses in Oregon.

Indoor Swimming: Silverton has a covered pool that is opened all year round. Stayton has an indoor pool with a water slide. Both pools charge admission and have lifeguards.