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Group Registration Form

Please complete this form to register and deposit for a Group Retreat. You may deposit online or mail your deposit to the address below. You may also print this form and send it with your deposit. In addition, please look at our Group Openings Calendar to see which buildings are available on any given weekend.

Group Name:

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Number of People:

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Please check the meals you would like:

Weekend Meals (Minimum of 3)

Friday Lunch  12:30pm

Friday Dinner  5:30pm

Saturday Breakfast 8:00am

Saturday Lunch 12:30pm

Saturday Dinner 5:30pm

Sunday Breakfast 8:00am

Sunday Lunch 12:30pm

Weekday Meals

List days and meals desired. (ex: Thur. lunch & dinner, Fri. breakfast & lunch)
Weekday meals times:
Breakfast: 8:00am, Lunch: 12:30pm, Dinner: 5:30pm.

Please note that we are no longer able to accommodate any special diet requests

Christian Renewal Center strives to provide meals that everyone can enjoy, but as we are cooking buffet-style meals for several groups at a time, there are quite a few allergies and specific diet requests that we can no longer accommodate. We regret that we are no longer able to offer this, however we have placed a microwave in the Main Lodge Dining Room, which is available at all times and we are happy to offer refrigeration space at the Main Lodge if needed as well. Two of our buildings, Good Shepherd Lodge and Heritage House, also offer full kitchens with refrigerators, ovens, stove tops, and microwaves to assist guests with special diets that are providing their own food.

If you fall under these categories, such as gluten free, dairy free, or vegan, please plan to bring items for yourself and use our available foods as a supplement. We will always have salad, fresh fruit and oatmeal available as options to supplement. 

Please bring your own towels and bedding

In order to simplify housekeeping and keep our rates reasonable, we ask our guests to supply their own towels and bedding: a pillow and sleeping bag or sheets and blankets.

For an additional fee, linens can be provided. Please check with the Registrar for pricing and availability.

Please check the buildings you wish to reserve.
(Capacity: Min - Max)

Main Lodge (Capacity: 24 - 29. Deposit: $300)

Good Shepherd Lodge (Capacity: 23 - 30. Deposit: $300)

Heritage Lodge (Capacity: 13 - 19. Deposit: $300)

Hilltop Lodge  (Capacity: 12 - 18. Deposit: $200)

Trinity House (Capacity: 5 - 6/8. Deposit: $50)

Matthew Side Cabin (Capacity: 2 - 4. Deposit: $25)

Mark Side Cabin (Capacity: 2 - 3. Deposit: $25)

Luke Cabin (Capacity: 3 - 5. Deposit: $25)

View Cell phone reception, Emergency calls, Wi-Fi, & Video Projection FAQs
View Notes for Worship Leaders: Sound and video equipment available in each building.

Please list your media and sound needs.

TV Screen with HDMI Cord for Presentations

Sound System


Additional Requests, Questions and Comments:

Before submitting your Group Registration, please read "Terms and Conditions" then check the box below to confirm you have read and understand CRC's Group Registration Terms.

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We understand to request a Certificate of Liability Insurance from our insurance agent to be provided to CRC
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We have read and will respect the "Values of Christian Renewal Center" during our retreat.
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Mail your deposit to: 
Christian Renewal Center,
22444 North Fork Rd. SE,
Silverton, OR 97381