Media Equipment

Notes for Worship Leaders:
Media Equipment Available in Each Building

All of our buildings either have, or can have, a sound system. These systems cover the needs of about 80-90% of our guest groups. If you need more sound reinforcment than we offer for your retreat event you are welcome to bring your own equipment. We do our best to label all of our mics, stands, cords, etc. but we need your help to make sure our equipment doesn't go home with you by accident. Worship teams may use the 1/4" inputs on the amplifier for a guitar or electric piano instead of a mic. Please do not plug a bass guitar into the amp.


ROTUNDA - Notes: The Rotunda a fairly "live" building acoustically. The surrounding windows, round shape and the normal semi-circle seating arrangement all combine to make voice amplification for soft-spoken speakers a nice option, but not an absolute necessity. For worship teams the 4 channel mixer/amp covers the needs of most groups.

Piano: Spinet upright
Amp: A Four Channel Mixer & Amplifier with two speakers.
Microphones & Stands: Up to 4 microphones and 4 stands. We normally place one boom mic at the podium, one boom mic at the piano and up to two more in front for singers.
Wall mounted 55inch TV with HDMI connection.

GOOD SHEPHERD LODGE - Many groups find little or no need for sound amplification in Good Shepherd. Exceptions to this are: 1. If the pianist will be leading singing, it may be helpful to mic him since his back is to the audience. 2. If there will be over 40 people meeting upstairs.

Piano: Full Sized Upright
Audio: A six channel Mixer & Amplifier with two speakers
Microphones & Stands: 2 microphones and 2 stands. Additional mics and stands available on request.
Overhead Projector: Stored upstairs.
Video Projector: Portable video projector on a rolling cart. (VGA)
Screen: 4'x8' melamine wall mounted screen.

HERITAGE LODGE- very cozy, never needs amplification for voice.

Piano: 3/4 electric keyboard
Overhead Projector: Available on request.
Screen: 7'x7' cloth wall mounted screen.
Video Projector: A portable video projector with or without a seperate portable sound system may be available on request.

PRAYER CHAPEL - seats up to 40. Rarely needs amplification for voice. The two channel monitor amp offers basic amplification for recorded music but no mixing ability.

Piano: Full Sized Upright
Audio: A 2 channel monitor amplifier with two floor monitor speakers
Microphone & Stand: 1 microphones and 1 stand.You may request an additional mic and stand.
Overhead Projector: Stored behind the piano.
Screen: 6' square portable reflective screen stored in closet
Video Projector: A portable video projector with or without a seperate portable sound system may be available on request.