Men's Retreat

Men's Retreat 2019 has been cancelled

Men's Retreat

Rates and Details

Suggested Donation: 2 nights/6 meals - $130/person.

Deposit (Reserve Now!): $30/person

When: April 27th - 29th

Retreat Starts: Friday @ 5:30pm with dinner

Retreat Ends: After lunch Sunday

Registration on Friday between 4:00-5:30pm at the Good Shepherd.


CRC Men’s Retreat is an opportunity to strengthen your walk with God through Worship, inspirational Bible teaching, and connecting through fellowship with other guys. Enjoy a relaxing and fun weekend of hanging out at the Lamppost Espresso Coffee Shop chatting and looking at books or join in one of the recreational activities being offered like hiking, disc golf, zip line, or archery. We are also offering shooting ranges for men who own firearms. Bring your own equipment.You can shoot trap, skeet, rifles or handguns. If your favorite activity is food you won't go hungry with our tasty home cooked meals with fresh baked bread and desserts!