Personal Retreats

Personal Retreats - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What You Need to Know About Personal Retreats at CRC

Q: Do you offer a Sunday morning service?
A: No, we do not. (More) (Less)
Instead we encourage our guests who wish to attend a Sunday morning worship service to attend a fellowship in the Silverton area. If you wish to visit any of the great local churches our staff attend, just let us know.
Q: Do you have any other meetings I can join?
A: Yes. (More) (Less)
We would be delighted to have you join our mid-day staff devotions immediately after lunch from 1:00-1:30 pm.
Q: May I join the meetings of any of the Christian groups on retreat at CRC?
  A: Yes, but only if you are personally invited by the leader of that group.
Q: Can I get cell phone/data reception?
  A: Sorry, we are out of range. (More) (Less)
AT&T phones can get reception two miles away at South Falls. If you need to make a call you are welcome to use the phone in our front office. We have unlimited long distance, so there is no need to pay for calls.
Q: Do you have Wi-Fi?
  A: No, not really. (More) (Less)
  A "Ministry Critical" password protected connection is available in the Main Lodge dining room. If you need to access the internet for something directly related to your personal retreat we are happy to give you the password. Otherwise we encourage our guests to take a vacation from the internet during their stay.
Q: Do you have televisions and media players?
  A: No, we do not. (More) (Less)
You may bring your own portable video player and media if you like. We do not have network or cable TV reception...and we like it that way.
Q: How many friends or family members can I bring with me?
  A: One nuclear family. Click here to view our rates for groups larger than this.



Suggested Donation: $40/person, 1st night, $20/person each additional night.