Women's Retreat

with Mary Merriweather

Mary Merriweather

Rates and Details

Suggested Donation: 2 nights, 6 meals - $130/person.

Deposit (Reserve Now!): $30/person

When: March 15 - 17

Retreat Starts: Friday @ 5:30pm with dinner

Retreat Ends: Sunday after lunch. Checkout by 2pm.

Registration on Friday between 4:00-5:30pm at the Lamppost.


Mary Merriweather is the founder of Life By Design, Life Coaching Services based in Portland, Oregon.  Through her practice she specializes in empowerment and personal development.  Her faith-based classes, hands-on workshops, inspirational speaking, and one-on-one sessions connect with individuals in a way that inspires personal breakthroughs, growth, and unlocks the potential for transformational results. 

She is also known for her passion and unique way of connecting with young adult women and therefore launched Sisters Supporting Success in 2018, a monthly personal development group for women ages 21 and up.

One of her life’s mantras is that “Each of us was designed with something in mind!” After years of her own personal journey to discovery Mary is passionate about sharing these principles with others.  She strongly believes that life at its best is when we realize how God has uniquely designed us, what He wants to get through us, and then to share our lives with others accordingly.
Come away and be refreshed and renewed in your walk with God at CRC’s Women’s Retreat! Lay aside your busy life, slow down and fellowship with other women around God’s Word. You’ll enjoy this inter-generational retreat that is sure to encourage you and recharge your batteries as you worship with other women, hear the inspiring testimony of our speaker, eat scrumptious meals, and have time to just relax with a good book and a delicious drink from the Lamppost or hike the nearby Silver Falls.