Work Retreat


Work Retreat

Rates and Details

Retreat Length: 1 night/4 meals -

Deposit (Reserve Now!): One full day of work! (Free, no charge)

When: June 18 - 19, 2021

Retreat Starts: Friday @ 6:30pm with dinner

Retreat Ends: Saturday after 7pm

Registration on Friday between 5:00-6:30pm at the Main Lodge.

Families with little ones should provide their own childcare.


Looking for an opportunity to minister in practical ways? Use your gifts and talents to invest in the ministry of CRC and the kingdom of God on a work retreat. Your work retreat program can be custom-fit to the needs and abilities of your group. Hundreds of volunteers have given countless thousands of hours in order to make CRC what it is today.

Some ideas for what you might do on a Work Retreat:

Firewood Procurement

Experience the unique sense of teamwork and close fellowship that working together can provide. Our firewood procurement project offers a great way to get some good exercise while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Depending on age, experience, and the time of year, you will find opportunities to cut, split, and stack green firewood or put up seasoned wood in our sheds.

Construction and Maintenance

Do you like to build? We are always ready with a construction project suitable to the interests of your group. Major projects involve all aspects of building construction and remodeling, landscaping, etc. We are always making improvements to our camp. Make a significant contribution to the future ministry of CRC! Skilled builders are especially needed and appreciated but all are welcome!

Cleaning Projects

Do you love to make things sparkle? Our buildings receive deep cleaning on a regular basis. This is a great option for those who prefer to stay warm and dry during inclement weather.